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    Home >> About Us
    Shijiazhuang Mining Area Fengwang Machinery Co., LTD., founded in 1999, we professionally engaged in R&D, design and manufacturing of disposable gloves production lines. Our product distribution throughout the country and exported to South Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Malaysia, etc.
    We have 3 Senior engineers, 15 technical staffs and more than 70 workers in our factory, our plant covers an area of 7,000 square meters.
    Shijiazhuang Mining Area Fengwang Machinery Co., LTD.
    Shijiazhuang Mining Area Fengwang Machinery Co., LTD. Disposable Gloves Production Lines
    We can Design and Produce: PVC gloves production line, Latex gloves production line, Nitrile gloves production line, household gloves production line and etc.
    Our Main products: Hand Moulds (cast steel, punching), Main Shaft, Chain Wheel, Trimming Machine, Beading Machine, Pre-stripping Machine, Stripping Machine, Counting Machine, Packing Machine, Oiling Machine etc.
    Principles: surviving on quality, developing on innovation, getting trust on good after-sale service, share the achievement with customer.