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    Packing Machine

    Packing Machine

    Product Description

    Gloves packging machine is a new product of automated machinery for glove packging (boxing and sealing) for PVC disposable glove production line. Packaging machine mainly uses PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control electricity, gas, machinery fully integrated.

    The gloves packing machine mainly includes three steps:

    Gloves will be sent to the box.

    To achieve the molding box.

    To achieve the sealing of the box.

    Which sealed the entire equipment is the key technology. The packaging machine is sealed with non-adhesive glue. Automatic carton sealing equipment production capacity of 5-7 boxes / minute. Save labor, reduce costs, and ultimately the production line automation.

    Gloves packging machine Advantages:  

    1, the boxes size is controlled according to the gloves number.

    2, The capacity is 4-6 boxes per minute

    3, Greatly save the labours